US Ambassador x Ivy Alum Clubs

On October 26, 2022, the Ivy League Alumni Associations of Indonesia had the privilege to join Ambassador Kim at his residence to talk about the Giving Back. This was the first post-pandemic event that we were able to host across the other schools, so it was a great opportunity for the Penn Wharton Club of Indonesia to join forces with the Harvard Indonesian Students Association, Columbia Indonesian Society, and Cornell Indonesian Association to spend the night shedding light on how we can all do our part to give back more to society. Being educated in the US, we all have had the privilege to learn about the importance of doing our part to make a change. It was inspiring to hear about so many different perspective on philanthropy from our distinguished alumni speakers: Anderson Tanono (RGE Group, Tanoto Foundation, Wharton Alum), Arif Rachmat (PT Triputra Argo Persada, Cornell Alum), Shinta Kamdani (Sintesa Group, Columbia Alum), and Yenny Wahid (Indonesian Islamic activist, Wahid Foundation, Harvard Alum).

Nicole Jizhar

President, Penn Wharton Club Indonesia

October 2022

  • Nicole Jizhar
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