Welcome to Penn Wharton Club of Indonesia (PWCI)’s FAQ section! Here we will address some of your most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to ask us more by contacting communication channels as elaborated below. 


Interested in getting involved or learning more about the club or receiving PWCI’s regular newsletter?



Interested in joining PWCI’s social media?


Currently PWCI has an official Instagram account @pennwhartonclubindonesia and LinkedIn group at Penn Wharton Club of Indonesia (PWCI). Please follow and join!


Having trouble using the website or logging in?


  • For login issues, please note that all alumni will need PennKey credentials to login to the club site. 


→ PennKey assistance can be found here.


  • Only alumni who have their address listed in Indonesia in MyPenn are automatically included in our database. Alumni who update their address to Indonesia in MyPenn will typically be added to our database in 24-48 hours.


→ Update your contact information in MyPenn.


  • If you are an alumnus/a without an Indonesia address in MyPenn or otherwise want to keep your previous address in the PennKey system, you will need to be added to the club's user list to login with your PennKey. Please contact us to be manually added.
  • Once you are logged-in to our site, you can check your preferred email for receiving our emails under “edit settings”, “account”.